Sunday, June 14, 2009

dedicated to you. even though you pleaded for it. really no clue what to write. seeing as you can't comment on it. annnd you don't have your own blog, tosser. see? blogs arn't that bad. i've got you addicted now, like ricky gervais. ha. yeah well, i suppose you're pretty up there ay.. even if you don't like Amy Whinehouse and you don't come to Tauranga (enough) yeah. good. have a brillent night. go to sleep, you need it. and promise me you will come watch politics before you run away to worlds. wonder how many times you have refreshed your page waiting for this, and it's not even worth it. i'm talking more rubbish. night. X

and besides, if you don't like the product, keep your mouth shut.


  1. KelseyJay Andrew...

    You may think i'm a distant fantasy attached to nothing but the comedy world. But there's more to life than Nazi's, Sharks, mice and jesus. We together could fix the worlds problems....... I visit your blogspot every day religiously and have noticed one of my lines "sharks, brillient, nazis rubbish", and now my name. It warms me deeply to see that I am part of your life as you very much are of mine. Who ever this fulla is I may have to take his place visiting Tauranga to watch myself (the chubby man) on good

    Until then, Take care young lady


  2. hahahah your so cute. yay blog!!

  3. Simon- you're a dickhead.
    Rebecca- You're gorgeous.

  4. :-O I was only tryna make your day :-P