Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kelsey's Unfourtunate Events.
at home sick. i have had way way too many days off scholl this year. my total attendance percentage is well below 80. good going Kels. woke up to Frank Sinatra telling me he's 'got me under his skin'. thanks frankie, i'll pass. my eletric blanket broke last night. after night's on end of complaining about the heat, i freeze. stuipd thing. then my parents oh so kindly let me know that i will not be attending any such events in auckland this weekend due to their stoubborness. cool, thanks guys. my new shoes (which i don't like anymore..) have two rusted buckles since i took them in the shower with me (unintentional) so now they have little orange bits on perfectly plain white shoes. ohhh i love that. i have no voice, nothing. i word cannot pass by my lips. not a peep. parents think it's halirious. which is a bugger coz you don't seem very threatning when you are trying to explain a) how much it hurts and b) that you highly dislike them. when you are throwing your arms around, looking stuipder then a three year old playing charades.. or you write 'I HATE YOU' in captial letters. in turn they crossed out the 'hate' and changed it to 'love so much' so i wrote 'i love so much you'? as much as they try to fool you, parents are not smart people. also time for me to replace my ipod after some tosser stole it. wonderful, more money i don't have spent on things i shouldn't be. also, unpicked the hood of my jacket and had to sew it all back up. wait, i lie. unpicked the hood which ended up meaning i had to unpick my lining of the jacket. sewed up the hood lining. sewed the wrong side so unpicked that again. and by this stage i had mentally given up. taken so many steps backwards. all thanks to a miss-lined seam.

on the plus side. Me Lyd and Lauren had a wonderful conversation last night. spoke about nothing, which in-turn, ment no solutions to any problems. but we all left feeling happy. i love you ladies 'bagy.'

this post was a watse of time, really.

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