Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mufti day is looming. brillent. the day majority dread. people make such a fuss. who's wearing what. 'let's just wait for my multi million dollar top to be on parade.' hate that crap. also have more nutso family staying with us. one of my Dad's many siblings. who will keep me up most of the night doing his stuipd spluttering cough thing. cool, can't wait. that's gunna help my already lack of sleep. good stuff. the waether is also getting colder. personal favourite when the school has a power cut and the heaters turn off. which just so happens to be your luck on the day you forget to wear your scalf. mm, i have had a really quite average past few days.. but it can only get better right? i would hope so. seems my lack of organisation and too larger love of procrastination is becoming a bit of a problem.. bugger. time to watch Ricky Gervais.

you- on that note- you being so damn desperate for a blog. sad, useless boy. here it is. still waiting for you to get off your lazy ass and come vist. i'm sure wally is very keen.. or will be after yet another vist to the car doctor. poor thing. you need to take more care of him. thrashing it. making it smell of burbon. naw. lack of sleep and 'eye spy' is most definatly calling. the cups are also paitently waiting your arrival. shouldn't let them down i say. i love that i have converted you to stand up and blogging- even though you will deny both those facts. (you havn't text me back in quite sometime, really should) why am i even granting you this blog? you clearly don't desearve it, with all that name calling.. but then again, if i'm planning to come on your trip with you, you can have all the blogs you bloody well please. ha. "mm toast, i like toast." we are nuts. all your fault love.x

i got distracted and just left the blog up without posting it. and in that time i managed to walk into the diswahser (some tosser left it open) spill cola throughout the entire contents of the fridge and get furious with the 'splutter cough' going on in the bedroom next door. if that carries on dad will find himself one short of a sibling.. must sleep. must sleep. zzzzzzzzz

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  1. hate the word. But too 'cute'. n correction, u r nuts.