Friday, June 19, 2009

What's new? today was long and draining. spent about 7hours in the car. went from home to Auckaland then back home then out to Taupo. never felt quite so cramped. Brother left today- headed to England. will still be on the stuipd plane as i type. it's freezing, hugest drop in tepature, not enjoying it tooo much to be quite honest. i have an entire weekend ahead of me filled with crazy realitives and annoying family friends. brillent. my only ecsape is sleep. which i'm failing to have right now thanks to some lovley teenagers whom have parked there 'doof doof' cars right outside my window and re now proceding to yell profoundly out their windows. good. tonights going to be about as enjoyable as my day. youtube here i come.

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