Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i am bored. and can't wait for tonight.
1.what is your name?
Kelsey Jay Andrew.
2.are you currently happy?
After the recent awkard moment, i have recovered fully and felling fine..
3.who did you last fight with?
my mum, about who got the heater in their room..
4.what does the 29th message in your inbox say?
telecom 1- "you are a wank....a"
telecom 2- "i just finished work."
vodafone- "greece to me, do you read me fluff"
5.what were you doing at 11pm last night?
in bed, texting.
6.when did you last cry?
last night, i walked thu the office in the dark and hit my foot on the door.
7.when did you last smile?
about 30seconds ago..
8.what was the last thing you brought?
my amazing 'Annie Blackberry' necklace. which i am deeply in love with.
9.have you ever got into a car of somebody you just met.
10.what annoys you most?
people who just think they are the shit.
11.would you take somone back if they cheeted on you?
12.what are you listning to?
Bruises by Chairlift. cute song.
13.do you know anybody who is pregnant?
yeah, havn't spoken to her ina wee while tho.
14.what is the nicest text you have?
My rap from Scotty. and my lovley Texts' from Lydia.
15.what time did you go to bed last night?
my sleeping pattern is nuts. but finally drifted off at about 12.
16. what time did you wake up?
after falling aslepp at 12 i woke at 3am text for a bit. then fell back to sleep to wake up at 10.
18.have you ever met somebody who has changed your life?
um, hard to tell..
19.have you ever snuck out?
nope, i don't sneek. i just leave.
20.is this year going to be a good one?
i've had better years. but it might (hopefully) get better, :)

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