Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i realised something today. we live on this thing called earth right? and depending on your beliefs there is plenty of different theroys as to how/why earth became, and i'm not gunna aruge them. but, consider this. so we live on "earth" and we know there are other planets out there orbiting too. and then there's the sun, which suppodsly is the source of all our power and the moon at night and the spinning axis and the milky way and the billions of stars and the seasons that occur. we are taught to understand all that. but this i can't comperhend. our earth is stranded in the middle of nowhere. we are just floating. floating in something that doesn't end. get that, space does not end. i just can't get my head around that. what if there is something else out there? not going all science weird. but space doesn't end. we believe going to a different country is sooooo far away, we get excited about that. understandable. but the thingwe live on... it's a circle sitting in thin air in a space bigger than you could think possible. i just don;t get how people grasp this. but really, my original train of thought was problems, and it dawned one me. no matter how big our issues are or how insucure, scared, happy or confused we feel just think about how small it really is in proportion to what's out there. it's unreal.. i need to stop thinking and start concerntrating in class...