Monday, July 27, 2009

just had the meeting for the England trip next year. oh my. i can't wait. that meeting actually made my day. Stuipd parents asking stuipd questions at the end. "what if they get ill, will you have travel insurance." nope, they are intending on taking about fourty something kids hours away with no travel insurance. stuipd woman. oh, and this one "will they be allowed to fundraise?" sorry, we don't allow fundraising. anything that will help costs we are totally against. nope, fundraising is prohibited. and it got better. "when they stay in London, the doorms i mean, is it fenced off?" WHAT. what kind of parent asks that? if you are worried about your child not being fenced in when they sleep is sending them across the other side of the world a good idea?? Bloody hell. then we have me "just confirming,this is a strictly no parents trip right?" all the mothers now think i'm death. or a 'bad influence' on their kids. no kidding, heard one say as i left "that one is gunna be trouble..." thanks at least i'm not a bloody fish.

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