Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr Watts. i know you are stressed as hell at this moment. so decided a slightly insperational waste of time blog would do you some good.. but then again, i'm useless with insperation. all will be well. approximatly 6days 15hours and 13minutes. depending on what time you leave stuipd old NZ and what time you read this. you will, undoubtly, have the most amazing time. possibly come back broke. but it will most definatly be worth it. considering giving you a shopping list for me. actually wait. of course, i'm coming with you. in my little suitcase and lack of air. do the dances get videoed? i'd hope so, wanna see what your hours of pratice actually made. really this is very unisperational.. but you will have such a good time! i'm jelous as all hell. don't be stressed please. just sit count to ten or something. and breath, because i'd say that's kinda up there on importantness. don't want a dead Simon. won't have anybody to ring at some stuipd time of night when you are gone. will have to find some other poor innocent boy.. Ha. take it easy till you go. good kuck for your exam. and remember i'm always here for you to whinge too. expect to see you when you come back too.x


  1. 1, 2, 3, 4.... 10. Aaaahhh I feel grrreeeeaaaatttt. Wanna get married? Let's get started right away... babies everywhere...

    k trigger happy fingers today. Thanks for the inspiration.I dunno how you worked out when I was going. Even down to the minute. Cos I have no idea what time. I'm sure it'l be videod, if not there'l be a DVD that'l eventually come out. Just hope we pull it off!

    N thanks for ur openess n ur love to winge with me ha


  2. babbbbbieeeeees. everywhere. i feel greeeeeat.

    you are a nutter.i'm good like that. and now it's about.... 6days 4hours and 20minutes. ha. i'm good a? you will, it will be amazing. have something for you before you leave. it's ok, i whinge to you my fair share.xx