Friday, July 10, 2009

my computer tells me this-
' Ten best places to kiss.
1) On a roller coaster
2)On your desk.
3)At a museum.
4)In the middle of a crowded street.
5)In a dressing room.
6)On a pile of coats.
7)Upside down.
8)In the back seat.
9)In a downpour.
10)In bed, while one of you is falling asleep. '
personally, i think all barr- four, nine and ten are horrible. i mean honlestly? ok, so your about to kiss whomever it may be... "wait wait wouldn't this be nicer if we got a whole heap of coats and kissed on them' what's up with that? or this one ' hold on, how about i fling my legs over this fence so i'm upside down.. that would be way more romantic a?' stuipd if you ask me. dumb computer.


  1. What's your source for this list? crock. A topic that probably can't be generalized easily.

    A lot would depend on who it is your kissing. If it was a first kiss you probably wouldn't make a move on a roller coaster, that'd fit more to a steady clown of a couple who try to reach passed what's securing their lives n kiss just fora giggle.

    Who can say there's a best place to kiss fora first kiss? Some drunk wreck grabs you n tries to kiss you 'in the back seat'? You'll get pissed off n see it as the worst situation to kiss someone, but if it's someone you've been wanting to kiss then who says in the back seat ain't the best place for it? After you wouldn't go damn I wish we were in a downpour for that!

    If it ain't a first kiss judgement on the best place is subject to the individual couple

    I think number 7 is a spider man tribute cos can't say it'd be the most regular thing. If it were one of the 'best places to kiss' you'd see people flip upside down far more often.

    Was 'good evening' my blog...?? Niiice haha. Or this to point out that kissing someone while they're tired falling asleep is a good vibe?

  2. haha. you seem to be quite opinionated on the topic. it was, i was going to make another one or lengthen that. but my brain was mash, all i could think of was words like petie allegro. and arabesque.. i'll make a better one snotty.

    this was just a random blog. wasn't tryna point out anything. but now you have said it, i must admit.. depending on who it's with i'd say it's a bloody good vibe. :)

  3. petie allegro. and arabesque...?? Ain't as up to date with the ballet like you. Know what an arabesque is tho. snotty? haha