Friday, July 17, 2009

new shoes new shoes. today, after being dropped at the mount by poppa bear i wandered around for too long achieving nothing. then decided to walk to town. what? what was that kels? you are gunna walk from the mount all the way into town? yep, i was. and did. it was death. never again. what was going thorugh my head to do that i don't know. but off i went. sorted out somebody else's phone that they should have done themselves... and had coffee (white hot chocolate for me, yes it does exsict and i'm addicted) with Lydia and Lauren. loved it. next i'm out to a pub to watch the rugby. look at me gooo. oh, and i brought new shoes. white lace shoes. if i could wed an item of clothing i'd be on my knees for them. wow. that's what happens when you spend hours on trademe. got them for ten bucks. chehoo.

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