Friday, July 10, 2009

today was not my favourite. woke up first thing running late to the dentist. whom shoved vast emounts of fingers and drills in my mouth whilst asking annoying questions, thanks doc. them strolled around town on my own... for TWO hours. boring as hell. sat in the libary whilst swooning over some cute boy in the opposite table who later walked out with his girlfriend.. that's cool. then had to scribe for the ballet judge at comps from one-six. total death. all these stuipd french words and writers cramp. cool. then nearly died driving home.. heck. had some toast (mm toast, i like toast) now tucked up in bed. happier than ever. oh annnd i found him. nice huh? happy Lauren? haha. i miss the world. now dancings over i got a week to live. first thing- annas birthday tomorrow. gooood stuff. life here kels comes.. finally.

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