Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bend down, shout, run, scream, laugh. the sun is on it's way. had a hot day today. it's made me happier than i have been all term. yeeeeh. entire day no stinking jersey. but, i have struck a problem.. for dancing nationals you need to write a stuipd Bio about yourself. just blahblah rubbishing about you or whatever. i think it's stuipd.. what are you supposed to write "hi, my name is Kelsey (no kidding, it says it above the ugly photo of your face) and i do dancing (why, that's a surprise now, didn't see that one comming) i would like to thank (insert multiple amounts of names here, most of which ment nothing and won't care but it's a good way to fill in space) and i hope to do (and here, you say something that you want to do with your future that makes you sound reeeeeal good. you know? good kids points) thanks." yeah, i hate it. need helpp.

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