Thursday, August 20, 2009

reasons to dislike school.
  • having to get up stuipdly early.
  • having to put on the most unflattering, ugly uniform day after day.
  • doing stuipd subjects ie- mathmatics.
  • having stuipd teachers ie- maths teacher.
  • maths
  • thigs like rec in which you get changed into an even more unflattering ugler uniform only to sit on the gym floor whilst teachers complain about the lack of comiment.
  • work you have to do out of school.. otherwise called homework.
  • when the feild is wet, and you sit down. then you're doomed for the rest of the day.
  • slipping over in the Geo corridor..
  • having to have a packed lucnh.
  • carring around what feels like a small infat on your back all day.
  • paying for things... ie- panadol, plasters, photocopying,
  • libary ladies.
  • finding out you are watching a video, for those few seconds you have hope of watching ricky gervais.. only to find you are viewing a child birth..

but honeslty, it's all ok really. because sometime throughout the day i am gaurenteed to hear Mr. Farthing's voice "alllriiight ladies. timeeeee to get movingggg." Sir, you make school bearable.

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