Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kelsey's top ten.

  1. the smell of summer. like, vanilla mixed with coconut.. mhm.
  2. traveling. eeeeek, UK next year. suckerssss.
  3. sewing. yeah, sometimes it fails miserly after hours of doing, re-doing, unpicking and doing again.. i think it's worth it...
  4. beautiful darling friends and people impacting my life.
  5. the comfort if my own things. the feeling after being away for a while and coming home to your own shower and bed and fridge..
  6. music. good music.
  7. photography. i'm not intending on being any such photographer. but none the less i enjoy it.
  8. dancing. i have no choice but to like it really?
  9. freedom. in any sense of the word.
  10. him.

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